To: Richard Burden MP

Demand for traffic calming measures on Holly Hill Road, Northfield

Demand for traffic calming measures on Holly Hill Road, Northfield

To install either bollards or speed bumps on Holly Hill Road to prevent further collisions with adjacent homes and vehicles on Frogmill Road.

Why is this important?

During the last six months, dangerous drivers have flew across the junction at Holly Hill Road, and ended up damaging property and vehicles on Frogmill Road. This has happened 3 times, resulting in two vehicles being written off and significant damage to property. On the third occasion, a stolen vehicle actually came through our front garden, into my car, and through our front wall, resulting in car headlights in our living room (I was on the sofa at the time!).

Neighbours on Frogmill Road strongly feel that traffic calming measures such as speed bumps would prevent this kind of incident from occuring again. These incidents are not just happening late at night, my neighbour's car was written off at 11.00am, while our home was crashed into at 8.30pm. If any pedestrians had been using the foot path at this time, they would be dead.

I have emailed a local counsellor (Glenn Smith) who has advised that, at this present time, the council will not be looking into the issue of dangerous driving on Holly Hill Road, as nobody has died or been injured within the last three years. Please sign this petition so that the council can see how concerned the residents of Holly Hill/Frogmill Road are.

Northfield, Birmingham

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Reasons for signing

  • Feed up of speeders really fast especially when trying to cross road
  • I live just off Holly Hill & vehicles constantly drive down here in excess of 50mph, it is a disgrace that a serious incident needs to occur before something is done about it.
  • Calming measures should be put in place..too many accidents and people speeding down the road.


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