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Demand the BBC leaders debates include an independent fact checker

Demand the BBC leaders debates include an independent fact checker

The up and coming BBC leaders debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on 6th December will no doubt be a pivotal and very important moment in their campaigns to become Prime Minister. In order to ensure that the general public is not fed spin, lies and untruths, I would like the BBC to provide an independent impartial fact checker who can challenge and correct any statements, statistics or facts that are partly or wholly incorrect, live and in real time.

Why is this important?

After three years of smear, lies, stories and headlines, many of them bordering on libel, a simple apology is not acceptable when you're aiming for the most powerful job in politics. The UK is divided and volatile, this election is a very significant part of our history. The least we can ask for is the facts. Don't let a liar make it to Downing Street. It's time to call them out. Its therefore imperative that a fact checker is allowed to sit with the leaders during the debate.



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