To: Dental practices

Dentistry to be more accessible to NHS patients

Dentistry to be more accessible to NHS patients

To make dentistry more accountable for their patients. To not boot people off their books without warning or a followed procedure. To make NHS dentistry free the same as all other NHS services.

Why is this important?

Dental health is grossly under-rated and undervalued by the government and dental practices who often have gone private to make more money. Poor oral/dental hygiene and care leads to thousands of people suffering and being admitted to hospital for treatment due to infections which could be prevented if dentistry was part of the NHS agenda
We don’t pay to see a GP, we should not have to pay to see a dentist. People struggle to get on the books of a dentist and their dental health suffers.
I’ve been on the receiving end of being removed from a Dental Practice with no communication from them about this. I’ve also had to wait to be able to see a dentist due to lack of money.
Dental Practices need to be held to account as there is little fall back for the clients to appeal this.


Reasons for signing

  • Because I believe Dentistry needs to change to reflect the growing populations demand