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To: Laura Trott MP Minister for Pensions

Deprived Pensioners

Amend the law to allow the Pension Protection Fund to apply index linked indexation to pension benefits resulting from pre 1997 pension contributions

Why is this important?

My grandfather is one of over 200,000 people who contributed throughout their working life into a scheme promising pension security in his retirement. They now receive compensation from the Pension Protection Fund because their scheme was taken over by the PPF after the collapse of the company they had worked for. Now they are being deprived of an anticipated benefit because of the law governing PPF operations.

This generation of old people, often cited as overprivileged, lived and paid their dues through long periods of double digit interest rates between 1975 and 1992 and are now suffering once again as interest rates rise and their compensation does not.

A small group of us has formed an association to fight for change. This petition is a part of this fight . We urge you, as the responsible Minister, to become fully involved and right this wrong. For a full understanding of our case, go to the DPA website.

Calling all PPF/FAS members

If you are a member of either the Pension Protection Fund or the Financial Assistance Scheme run by the Fund and are aged over 50. you are very likely to be suffering from a lack of indexation under the pre-1997 rule. As well as supporting our petition it is in your interest to go to the website of the Deprived Pensioners Association and find out about our CrowdJustice campaign to right this injustice.



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