To: Local government

Disability parking space in Ludwell close Winterborne

To whom it may concern
We in Ludwell close Winterborne have 8 bungalows we have 4 parking spaces. Every household has a disabled permit and nowhere to park. Some residents are thinking about getting a electric car but nowhere for a charge station. Al off the residents need to park close to there property. We have a green are outside all of the properties. We all would benefit from. Parking out side our properties. The government would like us to change to elictric vehicles. And some residents would like to help the environment. But at this moment in time we cannot do what the government would like us all to do
Kind regards
The residents of
Ludwell close

Why is this important?

To help the environment with changing to elictric cars
And help the elderly and disabled residents in
Ludwell close
Ludwell Cl, Winterbourne, Bristol BS36 1HG, UK

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