To: The Government

Disband the Football Association

Disband the Football Association

Disband the FA and replace it with a body of elected members to represent the diversity of those who participate at all levels of the game and those who support it in any other way. The desire would be for all colours and creeds to be represented as well as both genders. Differing age groups and backgrounds would also be welcomed. Last month MPs gave the FA a vote of no confidence. The FA cannot be trusted to self reform. Action is overdue.

Why is this important?

Simply the FA needs to be fit for purpose to run the modern game. Sadly it is not. One example: Applying it's own unfair rules that bemuse most fans and put players at risk and allow the perpetrators of violent acts to escape justice. They should apply retrospective action in cases where the referee has seen an act of violent conduct but has failed to properly apply the laws of the game. At present retrospective action is only taken if the referee does not see the incident. This is clearly unfair as highlighted with some high profile cases recently. EG Tyrone Mings 5 game ban. Marcos Rojo no ban. The FA in essence is bringing the game of football into disrepute by not applying laws that are fair to all.

Reasons for signing

  • MPs have already expressed their disapproval, now it is our turn.