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To: Diversity

Support Diversity BLM performance

Support Diversity BLM performance

Please sign, aim 10,000 signatures

Why is this important?

Diversity performance titled BLM on BGT was choreographed beautiful, staging sensential and message agreed was political. Which dance can be! The nation remains devided on the subject and has been for some time, and will remain that way for some time.
The performance has received 10,000 off con complaints. I aim to receive 10,000 signatures of support. Hoping to prevent the performance being removed from YouTube and show choreographers and dancers that there is love for the performance as well as negative responses.


Reasons for signing

  • Because what this stands for is amazing and a creative way to show the world how to protest this peacefully
  • Because this performance was beautiful and summed up the events of 2020. Diversity do not deserve hate!


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