To: West Sussex County Council

Do not cut support to rough sleepers

Do not cut support to rough sleepers

Not cut support to rough sleepers

To provide emergency housing for everyone

Why is this important?

This is important because no one needs to be sleeping rough here.

The council has a duty of care to every human being

A home is a basic need
Until a person has ‘a home’ they cannot move on to the next stage of rebuilding their life and participating in society.

Providing a home for people will ‘pay for itself’ further down the line as people are able to contribute to the Economy once they are part of it.

Am excluded person is costly!

Help them!

West Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • End the surveillance state When cam operators have been caught spying into peoples homes. When crime is increasing in line with the increasing surveillance When children have no choice but to play in parks where hidden adults constantly film them. When no one has ever been asked their consent for this surveillance state which affects everyone, everyday. Surveillance of the population is the sure mark of an anti-free, totalitarian country and a great crime in itself.
  • No one in the County should be Rough Sleeping. A Person with a home is able to contribute to the Economy and help sustain it.