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To: The government

Do not introduce photo ID as a legal requirement to vote

Please do not impose a legal requirement to show photo ID at polling stations in order to vote.

Why is this important?

The introduction of photo ID in order to vote may be seen by some as a positive move to deter fraud and will not be seen as a problem to the more privileged and affluent members of our society who can afford to drive and go on foreign holidays. However, it may well be a problem for many of the more vulnerable members of society. The elderly, disabled, young people/students and financially disadvantaged members of society often do not have these forms of ID and cannot afford them/renew them. This would mean that a large percentage of our population would have their democratic right to vote taken away from them. Why should we have to pay the government for a document in order to vote? Is it a money making scheme, or maybe a way to ensure that only a certain demographic have the ability to vote? Please join me by signing this petition to make voting accessible for all.

United Kingdom

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2021-05-12 10:55:40 +0100

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