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To: Uk government

Do not invite President Trump to visit the U.K.

Do not invite President Trump to visit the U.K.

Refrain from extending an invitation to the new American President to visit the U.K.

Why is this important?

America's has chosen a narcissistic racist misogynist to represent them on the world stage. Whilst respecting their right to do this we have the right to refrain from endorsing him as an individual by refraining from inviting him into the U.K.
President Trump has values that run counter to British values of equality and openness. We should not subject the Crown to the indignity of providing an audience to such an individual. Whilst Parliament has previously discussed excluding Mr Trump from the UK And has decided against such action, this is not the same as extending an invitation to him. Mr Trump is free to apply to visit the UK. But we should refrain from inviting him.

United Kingdom

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  • That man is a bigot


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