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To: Brighton and Hove Council

Do not let the Home Office deport rough sleepers in Brighton and Hove

Do not share sensitive personal data of people who are experiencing homelessness in Brighton and Hove with the Home Office

Why is this important?

At the start of December, the UK government introduced cruel new rules which mean that people born outside of the UK who experience homelessness could lose their right to live in the UK and face being deported.

Many people who moved to the UK have worked and raised families here, but when they fall on hard times their immigration status can mean they have “no recourse to public funds” and are unable to access help with housing or any financial support. In the middle of a pandemic which has left many people out of work and struggling to keep a roof over their head, we should be helping find people safe warm homes, not putting them on deportation flights.

For this policy to work, it needs local councils to let the Home Office know details of people experiencing homelessness. Several councils across the UK have committed to not sharing sensitive personal data of rough sleepers with the Home Office to prevent cruel deportations, and make sure people aren’t afraid to turn to councils for help if they need it. Sign the petition now to make sure Brighton and Hove Council makes the same promise.
Brighton, UK

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