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To: David Cameron (Prime Minister) and the house of commons.

DO NOT repeal the fox hunting ban

We won!

David Cameron did not repeal the hunting act during his time as a Prime Minister..

DO NOT repeal the fox hunting ban

David Cameron, you stated that if re-elected, you would repeal the ban on fox hunting. Please do not go ahead with this plan.

Why is this important?

In a modern, civilised society, there is no place for this grotesque and cruel pastime. The previous government banned the practice, but the new government is planning to legalise hunting foxes using dogs. This is a barbaric and outdated activity that should stay where it belongs - in the past.

We have a choice in this life, we can be kind, or we can be cruel. I think the choice is easy...


Reasons for signing

  • It's not sport but vile animal cruelty, but Turkey necked hoorah Henry's. I live in the rural countryside and loathe any kind of animal cruelty
  • Because it's abhorrent.
  • totally grotesque and barbaric "elite" and "royal" hobby that should of course stay in the past -but this is only a small fraction of the bigger picture: ultimately the "elite's" power needs to be massively curtailed


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