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To: Councillor Sean Woodward Hampshire Councillor

Do not withdraw funding for Kingsclere Community Library

Do not withdraw funding for Kingsclere Community Library

Please do not withdraw council funding from Kingsclere Community Library

Why is this important?

Kingsclere Community Library has been run by volunteers for nearly 5 years with some funding from Hampshire County Council which they are now proposing to withdraw, leaving the library to be run entirely by volunteers. This would seriously affect the quality of the service we could offer. We would lose 2 hours' support per week from Tadley library, with no delivery of reserved books or new books, no RFID machine, no GoOnline computer and no free Wi-Fi.

74% of our users rely on our library for their books and do not use any other library. The nearest libraries either have inadequate or no public transport (Overton and Tadley) or involve a long bus journey and a long walk (Basingstoke). A lot of people – particularly older library users and families with young children – would find it difficult or even impossible to travel out of the village to another library.

North West Hampshire, Andover SP11 7HS, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Our library is one of the very few last-remaining social gathering venues which serves both a social & educational purpose. Do NOT bleed our village of even more of its community lifeblood.
  • I am tired of the lies 'that austerity is over'. The Inter-Library Loan service fee has gone up in stages from £1.50 to £4 to £7 and, recently, to £20. This is the hidden side of austerity.
  • Hampshire has already undergone so much service reduction with austerity measures I don't want to see this happen any more.


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