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To: Local government

Dog breeding regulations

Dog breeding regulations

Make breeding restrictions tighter, ensure that the kennel club do complex checks to ensure breeders are of a good standard and carry out spot checks.

Why is this important?

Over the last week or so Wonky Pets Rescue took in around 15 shar peis who were badly treated. The breeder Yuanpei were registered with the kennel club assured breeder programme and had used the peis as a money making programme for years. Yuanpei handed the peis over to the rescue with many needing eyes removing due to not been treated early enough, various skin conditions and bad health.
Today Ivan yuanpeis boy had to be put to sleep due to renal failure, this boy had sired hundreds of puppies which could now be effected by this condition.
These breeders need to be held accountable with tougher laws and the kennel club should also be held accountable for having breeders like this registered. People see a breeder registered on the assured breeder programme believing checks are carried out.



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