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To: Anthony Douglas

Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme For Women

Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme For Women

Create a programme such as the DVPP/DAP programme exclusively for women to attend if it is believed that they have perpetrated any form of abuse on their male partners.

Why is this important?

It is recognised that any gender can be a perpetrator of domestic violence/abuse however there are only facilities available for male perpetrators to attend that are officially recognised by the family courts. There is nothing available for the abusive women, this suggests that women are not abusive however this is far from the case, women are just as capable as men of perpetrating either physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual abuse and the frequency of female perpetrators is on the increase.
It is important for the safety of everyone especially those most vulnerable in our society that measures are put into place to reduce the risk of harm that may be caused onto them.
Women who have been abusive to their former partners usually have children under their care, there is great potential that those same patterns of abuse could be portrayed onto the children, it is important that this risk is understood and taken into consideration and women should be encouraged to learn about their abusive behaviours and how to prevent them from continuing being abusive in the future.



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