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To: Secretary of State Therese Coffey and Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Don't bring back benefit sanctions!

Don't bring back benefit sanctions!

Don't bring back benefit sanctions - no one should have to lose out on vital money because of unfair and strict rules

Why is this important?

Imagine arriving to work five minutes late and having your pay docked. For anyone who depends on benefits, it only takes missing the bus to the JobCentre to be given a sanction and lose payments. With the UK economy going to be hit hard with job loses in the thousands, we cannot let benefit claimants have their money stopped or cut.

During the height of the coronavirus crisis, there were no sanctions. The government stopped them for 3 months. We know that the benefits system can function without sanctioning people.

But benefit sanctions are set to return in England. Huge public backlash could force the government to rethink their decision, and stop the unfair and cruel sanctions for good.


Reasons for signing

  • Another policy to claw back money from people that really need it.
  • Not sure where benefit sanctions fit into “ levelling up “
  • They don’t live in the real world most of the time.


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