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To: Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

Save Lynn’s Wild Woodland and Wetland

Save Lynn’s Wild Woodland and Wetland

Abandon plans to build 380 houses at Parkway, near King's Oak Academy in King's Lynn

Why is this important?

It’s King’s Lynn’s last truly wild place.
Secluded and unspoilt, the size of 16 football pitches and less than 2 miles from the town centre.
It is an ideal mix of wildlife habitats: mature trees, huge reed-bed, scrub and grassland.
Reed beds are priority habitats, and this one is home to the endangered water vole.
The scrub is ideal for snakes and lizards to breed and forage.
There is a community of breeding birds many on the red and amber lists
The town cannot afford to lose the mature trees and reed-bed that take care of us by absorbing greenhouse gases. Also, if destroyed, unseen stores of greenhouse gases will be released into the atmosphere. It’s a precious place, irreplaceable, nature’s deposit account for all the people of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

King's Lynn, UK

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