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To: James Birch, owner of Doddington Hall

Don't fell our ancient oaks for Notre Dame

Please do not fell the ancient oak trees - instead plant additional saplings and rewild as much land as possible.

Why is this important?

Members of Historic House are donating up to 300 mature Oak trees to help build the recently damaged Notre Dame cathedral.

There is a plan to replant 3 saplings for each mature oak felled, but three saplings will not sequester as much co2 as one mighty Oak and we only have 11 years to halt catastrophic climate change! Mature trees are also a vital part of our ecosystem supporting a myriad of small animals and insects.

Rewilding and maintaining our forests is our most powerful weapon against climate change – we cannot afford to lose ancient Oak trees.

PLEASE DONT DO THIS! We understand that Notre Dame is beautiful and it would be amazing to repair it but humankind NEEDS THOSE TREES MORE THAN A NICE BUILDING!!!

Please reconsider your pledge and whether these trees should be destined for any commercial purpose at all. Our planet needs all the help it can get, rewilding your land would be much more noble cause which will benefit the whole world.

Climate Change: The Facts - by Sir David Attenborough is a great place to start understanding the issues humankind currently faces.

United Kingdom

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