To: Northampton Borough Council and other Local Authorities contemplating proposals to fine street-sitters(as notified in your email 4.1.17)

Don't fine street-sitters

Withdraw proposals to fine street-sitters

Why is this important?

- Why kick a man when he is down?

- I know from direct experience that money given to John, a street-sitter, was spent on food. We have become friends. Maybe sometimes money given can be misspent but let's give people the benefit of the doubt. Glass half full ...Better to take the risk of being foolish rather than cynical.

- 'There, but for the Grace of God, go I'. I have met men who have held responsible well-paid jobs
and then been reduced to street-sitting by adverse circumstances such as marital violence, debt etc.
Street-sitters remind us of the fragility of our lives.


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