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To: Boris Johnson, PM

Don’t follow Trump into another gulf war

Do everything you can to de-escalate the situation between the USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran. And whatever happens ensure that the British military isn’t dragged into a war and deployed to Saudi Arabia at the request of Donald Trump or the Saudi regime.

Why is this important?

Tensions are rising between Trump, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Some have said the three nations are on the brink of serious attacks and possibly war.

Right now, Boris Johnson is considering deploying British troops to support the Saudi Arabian government - a regime that is partly responsible for one of the worst famines in human history and has horrific record of serious human rights abuses.

The current plans for conflict are being spearheaded by President Trump, a hot-headed leader with a reputation for making rash decisions. And the UK PM has said he’s waiting on a call from President Trump or the Saudis asking him to provide military support in the coming weeks.

The last time this happened, when Blair supported Bush’s war in the Middle East, British troops ended up being deployed for 13 years, and the conflict in Afghanistan is still ongoing. It’s time to show Boris Johnson that the UK public don’t want to get into bed with Trump and Saudia Arabia and enter another war.



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