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To: Jim Dowd

Don't force Forest Hill School to become an academy

Please do everything you can to make sure our local school isn't forced into becoming an academy.

Our school should be able to decide its own future.

Why is this important?

No two schools are alike. But the government doesn't seem to agree. It wants to rush through plans to force every single school in England to become an academy the type of school paid for by taxpayers, but run by businesses, sponsors or trusts.

Many teachers and parents are already standing against the plans, saying that they're "a step towards privatisation", ignore local views, and could force some schools to close.

One size does not fit all, and local parents and teachers should have a say in the future of our school.

If this isn't your local school, click here to sign your local petition, or start one if no-one else has yet:
Forest Hill, London

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