To: The Home Secretary

Don't imprison British volunteers in Rojava

Don't imprison British volunteers in Rojava

Many British volunteers came to North East Syria, the democratic autonomous region known as Rojava, to join the Kurdish women of YPJ and other locals in their defeat of ISIS.

Yet the Home Secretary (currently Sajid Javid) is making NE Syria a 'designated area' under new anti-terror legislation. Brits travelling here face a 10-year prison sentence.

Rojava has proved itself the world’s most trusted partner in the fight against terrorism - so scrap the designation of Rojava as a terrorist hotspot!

Why is this important?

Brits are being banned from travelling to Rojava under the Counter-Terrorism & Border Security Act, even though the UK is part of the International Coalition against ISIS, which relied on Rojava throughout its campaign.

8 British heroes, including Anna Campbell, lost their lives volunteering with YPG & YPJ in the fight against jihadi terrorism. The bravery and sacrifice of these volunteers should be honoured.

Far from being an ISIS stronghold, Rojava is a beacon of women’s resistance against the oppressive jihadist mentality, and a grassroots, direct-democratic alternative to the brutal regimes which rule elsewhere in the Middle East.

This law must be scrapped, so British volunteers can keep joining the struggle to eradicate ISIS' mentality, without facing ten-year jail sentences. Fighting for a better world is not a crime!