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To: Kevin Hollinrake MP, Post Office Minister

Don’t let Royal Mail slash delivery services

Prevent Royal Mail reducing their delivery days, so we the public don’t pay the price of waiting for vital letters

Why is this important?

Royal Mail want to reduce their deliveries from six days a week, to just THREE. And what’s worse, the regulator Ofcom might let them get away with it. Bosses claim the current model is “not sustainable”, despite dishing out £2 billion in dividends since 2013 and a £700,000 payout for their ex-CEO last year. We can’t let them get away with this!

Royal Mail have been under fire for their poor performance recently, and going down to three days a week is only going to hurt us, the public, who rely on them. We could be waiting for vital letters about medical appointments and legal documents, just so Royal Mail can make bigger profits.

It’s up to the Government to make the final decision, but the only way we’ll stop this is if we show the scale of public opposition to these plans. Royal Mail and Ofcom have had their say, but what’s missing is the voice of us, the public.

We, the public, won’t accept a reduced service because Royal Mail won’t take the necessary steps to improve performance. They shouldn’t enjoy bigger profits at the expense of their service to the public.



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