To: Nick Read, Chief Executive, Post Office Ltd

Don’t move Brampton Post Office ! Cambridgeshire

Don’t move Brampton Post Office ! Cambridgeshire

We, the under-signed, call upon the Post Office authorities to abandon the plan to move the Brampton post office to the Nisa on Miller Way from its present location and to leave it where it is on the High Street opposite the Brampton Institute.

Why is this important?

Post Office officials propose to close Brampton’s post office located on the High Street opposite the Institute and relocate it as a till-point in the NISA store at the junction of Miller Way and West End.

We are extremely concerned that if it was to be moved to the Brampton Nisa on Miller Way, this would be a less convenient location for most people in the village. This proposal by the Post Office officials, if it were to proceed would add hundreds of vehicles to our seriously congested High Street, Miller Way and along West End.

We are also very concerned about the likely increase in motor traffic, increase in air pollution, increased parking and road safety concerns if the Post Office was to move from a central village location toward the westerly end of the village.

Mike Shellens
HIgh Street

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered by email

High St, Brampton, Huntingdon PE28 4TG, UK

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