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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Pensions Minister Therese Coffey

Don't raise the state pension age to 75

A recent tweet from the DWP says this will not be government policy! But we'll be keeping an eye out to make sure, in the event of a snap election, plans to raise the pension age don't make it into any party manifestos.

Rule out plans to raise the age we can get our state pension to 75

Why is this important?

The government is considering plans from Conservative think tank the Centre for Social Justice that could see our retirement age go up to 75. But some jobs are impossible to do after a certain age, and for some of us working anywhere could be a struggle by the time we reach 75. And for others it would mean ripping up the plans we've made for our well-deserved retirement.

The age we can all get our pension is already set to go up to 68 - meaning some people will be forced to keep working long after they're comfortable able to do so. And these new proposals would hit some of the most vulnerable people in our society hardest, like people who can’t work due to illness, or caring responsibilities - or people who don't have access to a private pension.


Reasons for signing

  • We have to enjoy some of our 'golden years' left!
  • Everyone should be fighting against this - bad enough they changed women's pension without notice to 66 but they now want people to work until they drop. Fine for the pen pushers in government who don't do manual jobs to make a decision which will impact on those people doing manual work with low pay. A disgrace 😡😡😡😡😡
  • It is entirely wrong and unjust to allow some in society to retire early, usually on fat pensions whilst others in manual jobs work till they drop.


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