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To: The Football Association Management Team

Don't Scrap Replays: Keep the Magic of the FA Cup!

Rethink your decision to scrap replays without any proper consultation

Why is this important?

For more than 150 years the FA Cup has provided some of the most memorable moments in sporting history.

Football fans relish the David and Goliath battles between the smaller clubs and the Premier League giants.

The shock upsets at the hands of giantkiller are one of the reasons why the Cup is the world’s most admired domestic tournament.

But the Cup could be stripped of its magic because of the actions of the Football Association.

Without proper consultation the FA has decided to scrap replays.

We are calling on the FA to rethink this decision. Replays are a vital source of revenue for lower league and non league clubs.

The money they receive from the gate and TV rights can be the difference between survival or bankruptcy.

By caving into the demands of the big clubs, the FA is not just betraying the smaller ones.

It is betraying communities across the country who are brought together through their love of their local team.

They need to hear from us - the fans - that these plans cannot go ahead. A huge public backlash could force them to change their mind.



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