To: Camden and Barnett mental health commissioners and the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust

Don't scrap the night time mental health service at Royal Free hospital, Camden!

Don't scrap the night time mental health service at Royal Free hospital, Camden!

Reinstate the Mental Health Liaison Service at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead between 9pm and 8am during the winter months of 2016/2017.

Why is this important?

This winter the Royal Free is not providing night-time cover for the mental health liaison service between 9pm and 8am, which it has provided over the last 2 years. This will have devastating effects for some of the most vulnerable people in London over Christmas.

The Camden and Islington Foundation Trust has lobbied to get the funding and is very disappointed that it has not been given. They have identified the following risks this winter:
• Service users attending the Royal Free Hospital with mental health needs or on Section 136 of the Mental Health Act between 9pm and 8am may experience long waits to see a mental health professional.
• Waits to be assessed by a mental health professional may be even longer for those service users who are not residents of Camden and Islington.
• The quality of experience for service users will deteriorate if they are subject to long waits for assessment.

The below named service user groups are asking Camden and Barnett commissioners and the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust to pay for this vital service:
Camden Borough User Group (CBUG)
Islington Borough User Group (IBUG)
Nubian User Forum (NUF)
Women's Strategy Group
Recovery College
Camden Frontline
Rehabilitation and Recovery
Side by side network
Substance Misuse Division
Care Quality Review Group
Personality Disorder Service



Reasons for signing

  • Empathy is what we are lacking so I shall be showing my Empathy
  • Because mental health care is important to the well being of sufferers, thier families and the public.
  • These front line services should have the same priority and 24 hour cover that physical health problems enjoy


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