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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Education Minister Gavin Williamson

Don’t shut Disabled people out of mainstream education

Increase funding for inclusive education so all children and young people can be educated together as equals in their local communities.

Why is this important?

“Mainstream is the way, just we need more support in terms of government finance to make sure those people with disabilities are supported... If you have people with disabilities in mainstream schools able bodied people will see that from when they’re young and not find it weird to see a disabled person in their work office and not know how to approach it.“ - Joanne Wacha

Our experience of education shapes our entire lives. Inclusion in mainstream society right from the start is essential if Disabled people are going to take our place in society as equal citizens. Non-disabled people need to grow up with Disabled people as friends, classmates and family members if they are to understand that we are part of society and including us is not optional.

It’s so important, the UN says all Disabled people have a human right to participate in mainstream education, with children learning in the same school and classroom. But right now government funding cuts mean for many Disabled pupils, including those with special educational needs, attending their local schools has been made impossible.

Funding for the support Disabled children need to participate equally, such as one to one support, therapists and specialist equipment, has been hard hit by cuts. More and more Disabled pupils have found themselves shut out from mainstream schools, even pushed out of the education system altogether.

If you want to live in a society which values difference, where Disabled people are included as equal citizens, please join our call to make sure inclusive education gets the funding it desperately needs.

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Reasons for signing

  • My nephew as Autism, I saw my niece fight tooth and Niall to get him into a school for his needs, the powers that be wanted to put him in a mainstream school, baring in mind my nephew is non verbal, hate noise, still in nappies, has no sense of danger, it’s shocking that special needs kids are being over looked to save money....
  • If disabled people don’t get an education not only is it an injustice for them but through no fault of their own they will become the responsibility of the state or their parents as they will have no prospects or chance to be independent.
  • Education is supposed to be inclusive!


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