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To: Manchester Council

Don't take away half the resident parking on St Paul's Road - we can object until 24th July

On-street parking on St Paul's road in the daytime is going down from 16 spaces to only 7.

Around 9 spaces (10-16 St Pauls) will be restricted to 3hrs during the day, meaning many cars will be fighting over the same spaces.

The bays on St Paul's Road should all be the same type of Permit Holder bays with the right to park all day, or 3hrs for the school visitors.

Why is this important?

People can't just sell their cars if there's suddenly less parking.

It's important to push for permit holder bays if you don't want to fight over parking spaces, have to take other people's spots on a different road, and have to move your car about multiple times a day to avoid restrictions / tickets.

Reserving 9 parking spaces for school visitors / 3hr slots takes parking away from residents who don't have reserved parking.

How it will be delivered

It will be emailed to the councillor Chris Wills.

You should also object directly by emailing [email protected] & cc [email protected]

St Paul's Rd, Withington, Manchester M20, UK

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