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To: University of Northampton senior management team

Donate deducted wages from UCU strike to Unite Foundation

Campaign created by
UCU Northampton
Donate deducted wages from UCU strike to Unite Foundation

On 1st December, UCU members across the country begin three days of strike action over our Four Fights: pay, workload, equality, casualisation.

At the University of Northampton, these issues mean a lot to us - enough that members have voted to strike, knowing they will lose three days' wages.

Senior management has expressed concerns about the impact of the strikes on students. We suggest that, if these concerns are serious, they donate our withheld pay to the Unite Foundation, an amazing independent registered charity offering a unique accommodation scholarship for care leavers and estranged young people at university.

Northampton's own Deputy Vice Chancellor Shan Wareing is Chair of the Board of Unite and has previously said "the Unite Foundation contributes to the levelling up agenda and scholars are in a position to influence decision making and change."

With the Fiscal Institute's publication of their report on universities' role in social mobility, this is a great chance for UoN to make a difference to our staff AND to young people entering HE.

Why is this important?

Better working conditions for HE staff makes for better education outcomes for students. A fairer HE makes for a fairer society.

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