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To: Alok Sharma, MP, President of the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference

Don't build on this Wiltshire floodplain

Don't build on this Wiltshire floodplain

We call on the UK Government to oppose the plans to build on land south of Trowbridge (Application 20/00379/OUT) to which the Environment Agency has objected on flood risk grounds as the land includes a Flood Zone 3b.

Why is this important?

This plan conflicts with the UK Government’s policy for climate change adaptation as set out in its National Adaptation Communication to the UN ahead of the 2021 climate change summit in Glasgow, which says: “Current planning policy is very effective at limiting inappropriate development in floodplains. For example, in 2018/2019, 99.4% of new homes included in planning applications were determined in line with Environment Agency (EA) advice on flood risk.” To approve this plan in a year that the UK hosts a vital international conference on climate change would be a damaging blemish on the UK’s otherwise strong record in building climate-resilient infrastructure.

Trowbridge BA14, UK

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