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To: The Leader,Thanet District Council

Double Yellow Lines At Westover Road/Northdown Hill, Broadstairs

We, the undersigned Thanet residents, concerned about road safety at the junction of Westover Road and Northdown Hill, call upon Thanet District Council to install double yellow lines at this junction.

Due to the vehicles parked at the location it is dangerous for pedestrians to cross especially the elderly, those with poor eyesight, anyone with limited mobility, parents and carers with children and buggies.

The additional housing proposed for the former gasworks site means even more vehicles will try to use this already busy junction.

Why is this important?

Please help us to have some traffic measures for this junction to ensure all can use the road safely.

Drivers don't want to cause accidents but unless action is taken lives could be lost. Improvements are urgently needed.

Those relying on the bus for transport often cannot cross the road and have to wait until another bus comes along.
Anyone going to the Cabin Cafe, Revolution, KCC Social Services is at risk trying to access them at peak times.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition to Thanet District Council for their consideration and hopefully it will be accepted and acted upon.

Thanet District, UK

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