To: East Sussex County Council

Eastbourne Library Closures

Eastbourne Library Closures

To reverse their decision to close libraries within the Eastbourne and East Sussex area.

Why is this important?

Our libraries give their local communities not only the opportunity to borrow books but also provide them with the opportunity to use the internet which is something many cannot afford to have in their own homes.The libraries have for many years also been used to introduce local school children to the joy of reading. Over the years I have often been in the library when library assistants, with the assistance of their teachers , have been reading stories to them. Whilst you could argue this could always be carried out in school, which it could, the act of them leaving their school as a group and walking to the library is also teaching them how to behave in public.

The libraries also provide a brilliant service to the elderly who want to use the internet but possess neither the money to be able to have it installed at home or indeed are not confident enough to attempt to use it without assistance. Librarians provide a sterling service in being able to assist them if they do have difficulty in using the internet.

We have already had libraries closed within the Eastbourne area which has caused difficulties for many people but these further cuts are a cut too far.

If these proposed closures are allowed to go ahead it will be mainly those on low incomes that will be affected, many of whom are elderly.

Please sign this petition to stop this round of cuts but at the same time contact your local councillors and MPs to support this petition.


Reasons for signing

  • Whoever believes that 'Austerity is the necessary evil to save the UK' needs to stuff their stomachs with rat poison. Libraries are important, despite being taken for granted.


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