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To: Kathy Inskip, Chair of Governors at Ash Field Academy

Education support workers need a pay rise

As parents of children and young people who attend Ash Field Academy in Leicester, we recognise how the complex needs of our children add to the traditional roles of school support staff. Support staff at Ash Field have additional caring responsibilities and care with respect and dignity, wanting the absolute best for our children. We the undersigned support their need for fair pay, particularly pertinent during a cost of living crisis. To recruit and retain the best staff, they need to be paid a fair wage.

Why is this important?

School support staff have suffered more than a decade of pay cuts and are some of the most undervalued workers in society. Added to this, support staff at Ash Field Academy have been significantly underpaid when compared with comparable roles in LA maintained schools. They need a pay rise at least in line with inflation.



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