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To: Matt Hancock, at the Department of Health and Social Care

Elderly Care Home Residents Left Stranded Without Family

I am extremely concerned that a system of testing hasn't been put in place for all care homes so that residents' families can visit them. Thousands of elderly people, like my mother, have been unable to see their families since early March this year. The government urgently needs to introduce testing in care homes and put in place systems that mean family members can visit their relatives.

Why is this important?

Many elderly people are confined to their rooms and in some cases bed-bound. Despite the best efforts of care home staff, they are heavily reliant on meeting family members to maintain a reasonable quality of life and mental well-being. The families of care home residents also experience great stress through not being able to see elderly relatives.
Recent research has established that elderly people deprived of visits by family and friends will deteriorate both mentally and physically.



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