To: The National Trust

End All Hunting on National Trust Land

The National Trust must stop issuing licences that allow organised hunts to operate on National Trust Land.

Why is this important?

There is too much evidence that illegal hunting is taking place on National Trust Land. The National Trust should stop issuing licences to hunts unless all hunting activity on National Trust Land is independently monitored to ensure that no illegal hunting is taking place. That National Trust should be supporters and upholders of the law. 84% of the public to not want to see a repeal of the hunting act.

How it will be delivered

This Petition will be sent to the National Trust.

Great Britain

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Reasons for signing

  • to prevent returning to the Dark Ages of barbaric sports giving pleasure to idiots
  • All hunting is outdated. We source our food differently. It is not a sport and anyone thinking it is is deluded
  • Any type of hunting is cruel, barbaric and should not be allowed. If the National Trust keep allowing hunting on their land I will not be renewing my membership.


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