To: The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

End ATOS from continuing their Work Capability Assessments

ATOS Work Capability Assessment has to be stopped in the inhumane treatment of people receiving employment support allowance and its predecessors incapacity benefit and severe disablement allowance.The poor treatment of our countries most vulnerable citizens by ATOS has been well documented.

Why is this important?

Figures released by the government in July 2012 showed that 10600 people died within 6 weeks of stopping claiming ESA. Campaigners believe that the majority of the 10600 who ceased claiming and subsequently passed away were found fit to work by ATOS. It is unacceptable that the management of ATOS are pressuring assessors to fail so many claimants and deny them the benefits they are dependent on and entitled to rather than accurately asses the ability of claimants to work. Ultimately campaigners are calling for fairer treatment of all benefit claimants, especially the disabled and chronically and terminally ill.


Reasons for signing

  • Because ATOS are biased and want claimants to no longer be eligible for benefit. They do not give reasons for their opinions on claimants health conditions. Medical assessments should be carried out by an impartial body.
  • They should be ashamed of themselves I hope they enjoyed there Sunday lunch


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