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To: The Government

End automatic tendering of NHS contracts

End automatic tendering of NHS contracts

To stop automatic tendering of NHS contracts

Why is this important?

Automatic tendering is allowing private companies to quietly undermine the public ownership of the NHS. These private contracts are being forced on the NHS because this government legislation is a sneaky method of bringing in privatisation. (A perfect example of this was the £14 million contract given to QE Facilities Ltd to replace a free service Solihull Blood Bikes (WSBB) on April 1 2019)
If we allow this to continue we will end up with an American style health system where only the wealthy will be treated.


Reasons for signing

  • Just because some people are rich, it doesn't mean they deserve more, or that they're any better than us. We all are human at the end of the day. What is the world coming to? Where's common sense gone to?


2019-07-30 15:05:33 +0100

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