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To: Rosie Duffield MP

End Barren Battery Cages for Quails

End Barren Battery Cages for Quails

To regulate the Quail Industry putting an end to Barren Battery Hen Cages in the UK. To ban the imports of Barren Battery Cage Quails from the rest of the world.

Why is this important?

A barren battery cage ban was introduced in through the EU to protect the welfare of laying hens but it wasn't extended to include the beautiful egg laying quail.

The vast majority of Quail are farmed intensively in barren battery cages or overcrowded barns. The EU produces over 100 million Quail but the industry is unregulated and there are no official published stastics on this. It blows our mind that there is still an unregulated industry.

Quail is positioned and marketed as a "luxury" high end product that is a delicacy. Yet Quail are farmed intensively in battery cages and overcrowded barns. Many have as little space as a beer mat. The Quail industry creates suffering on an enormous scale when there is a better way.

You can be the change by signing and sharing this petition to regulate the Quail industry. We believe we really all can be the change when we work together.

Barren Battery Quail industries don't exist for hens due to regulations and they don't need to exist for Quails. Be the change and sign today.



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