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To: Secretary of State Therese Coffey and Prime Minister Boris Johnson

End benefits sanctions for people receiving Disability benefits

End benefits sanctions for people receiving Disability benefits

Why is this important?

Right now people claiming disability benefits are having payments cut or withheld because of unfair and strict rules, called sanctions. It means money Disabled people need to pay for food or bills is taken away, for something as small as being late to an appointment.

Imagine living in constant worry about having enough money to put food on the table, or being left in the dark about when you will receive payments again.

And right now, week by week more news is breaking about the scale of this crisis.

The government is under growing pressure to scrap the policy to make sure no-one claiming disability benefits ever has this vital support cut off. But right now their are dragging their feet.

If thousands of us add our name to this petition today, together we could force them to listen and end disability benefits sanctions for good.



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