To: Greg Clark MP, Nick Hurd MP, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Margot James MP, Jesse Norman MP, Ian Blackford MP,

End Regional Pricing for Electricity

End Regional Pricing for Electricity

Please ensure that regional pricing for electricity ceases immediately and that grid connection charges for both producers and consumers are equalised across the whole UK. It is completely unacceptable that the Highlands and Islands, as high users but also exporters of electricity, should pay the highest charges in the UK. OfGEM has the power to change this but is failing to act in the interests of consumers and it must be held accountable to Parliament for this.

Why is this important?

As my MP (Ian Blackford) has said in Parliament,
"This is not about price competition this is about a regulated charge varying from region to region through a price control framework.
The reality is that you live in the Highlands and islands, you will pay for the privilege courtesy of doing so by the UK Government.
Electricity distribution charges for the North of Scotland are 84% higher than the distribution charges for London.
One nation? Whose nation. Not my one.
Westminster calls the tune, Highlanders and Islanders pay the price.
We pay a high price for transmission charges but we also have a high rate of energy consumption.
The Highlands and Islands are noted for windy and wet conditions.
It is not unusual for folk in the Highlands having their heating on all year round.
Ofgem in a recent study on the matter noted thathouseholds in the North of Scotland, who use electricity for heating would benefit from a cost reduction of about £60 per year if there was a universal network charge.
Sixty pounds to someone on a low income, to a pensioner would be a significant impact on their budget.
Not only are we faced with high transmission charges but in the Highlands and Islands many consumers will suffer from a lack of choice in energy provision.
Most households cannot benefit from a gas grid connection.
It is often a choice between electricity and domestic heating oil.
With such limitations the last thing we need is price discrimination being foisted upon us by a Westminster Government.
Where you live should not result in you being penalised through paying higher network charges."

Words are not enough. Now we need to see some action please on this!

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