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    Created by Brian Harris
    British Gas is the UK’s largest fuel supplier with around twelve million customers. Ofgem has so far passed them about 700,000 accounts when other companies had to stop trading. I can see no reason to think I am the only person they are overcharging. We are amidst an energy crisis AND a cost-of-living crisis. The poorest customers will be hit the hardest. The poverty-stricken may well also be the least able to spot what is happening with their bills. Too many people do not check their bills. British Gas continues to use false readings when billing me. How many others? Even after recent phone conversations with someone from their complaints management team, I am unable to get them to use the actual meter readings. I am now switching suppliers. At least I have chosen a supplier who believes in customer service. I can speak with them; they listen and act professionally. From what I have found, they will only bill me for the fuel I have used.
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    Created by Tim Wood
    “Clean” Energy Security? The raw material for nuclear is uranium which can be found in in the UK in the Orkneys but which our government buys from, for example Kazakhstan where it is largely mined by leaching out the uranium from the rock using massive amounts of fresh water and chemicals. “Clean” Carbon footprint? Nuclear is at least the third highest carbon emitter after coal-fired plants and natural gas. As uranium becomes more scarce more energy and chemicals are needed to get the uranium out of the ground. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have calculated their carbon footprint for 2019/20 as 1,046,950 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). This does not include operation of nuclear reactors or include the building of Hinkley Point C with the biggest pour of concrete in the UK ever. The nuclear and fossil fuel industry are mutually intertwined. The biggest gas plant being constructed in the UK right now is at Sellafield, home to 80 percent of the UK's existing nuclear waste which needs to be kept cool. The heating effect of discharges to the atmosphere and sea and also the use of water as a coolant for reactors and nuclear wastes are all contributing to ocean temperature rise and climate change. An honest description of Nuclear would be : Radioactive Fossil Fuel by proxy. “Clean” Radioactive Emissions Radioactive emissions occur at every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle from the mining of uranium to enrichment, to fuel manufacture, to operation of the reactors, to the “disposal” of nuclear wastes. These emissions occur both routinely and accidentally and have already resulted in large swathes of the world’s land and oceans becoming irreversibly polluted with man-made radioactive isotopes. "Clean" and Healthy? Radiation can damage the DNA in our cells. High doses of radiation can cause Acute Radiation Syndrome or Cutaneous Radiation Injuries. There is no such thing as a “safe dose” of radiation The “Clean Energy Technology Park” just 3.9 miles from the centre of Preston is planning an incinerator to burn intermediate level radioactive wastes from across Europe. This would result in daily plumes of chemical and radio-toxic airborne fine particle emissions blowing accross Preston City Centre. We call for the word “Clean” to be replaced by - Nuclear - at the "Clean Energy Technology Park".
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    Created by Marianne Birkby
    It is impossible to pay this sort of increase, a lot of rural dwellers are older people on pensions. Mine and most people's pensions are not being increased. This will mean a lot of cold pensioners having to choose between eating or heating!
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    Created by David Wilson
  • The Tory rejection of a windfall tax condemns millions to fuel poverty!
    Bringing in a windfall tax on the huge profits made by fossil fuel giants, the Government would raise enough money to cover a £500 payment to six million households. This would include thousands in the Vale of Glamorgan, who are expected to be in fuel poverty by April and would also provide money for insulating homes to a decent standard. There is no greater proof that this Government has lost touch with the real world, they are more interested in saving Boris Johnson's reputation than helping the hard working people of Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan. It is natural justice to ask these giant companies to make a one off extra contribution to help so many hard working people who are facing appalling hardship. We desperately need politicians who have the political will to provide a lifeline for struggling bill payers!
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    Created by Barry Green Party Picture
  • More investment needed on micro solar and wind power and insulating homes
    We need all the people of the country of the United Kingdom to come together and start an industry urgently to address the energy crisis as set out above. This should be done through government subsidy and is a matter of priority. The government should redirect available funds to meet this energy crisis that is unfolding before our very eyes.
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  • No council tax loans; make Energy Giants pay their fair share
    None of us should have to shoulder the financial burden of energy costs, whilst big energy companies are able to quadruple their profits in the last quarter of 2021, to over £4.7 billion. We are all suffering financially. Our wages are of less value due to rapid inflation without meaningful wage increases. Services and products cost us more. If that wasn't enough we are being squeezed further by a 1.5% National Insurance tax increase, all whilst big business continue to evade meaningful taxes. We are told to shoulder the burden instead. The government have failed to help us, providing only a temporary loan 'to get us by'. This will affect 60%, however many more will soon follow. There are no cheaper fixed deals than the price cap available, so those who currently benefit from a fixed deal will soon feel the squeeze too.
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    Created by Liam Jackson
  • Make energy companies refund customers
    Millions of people from across the UK could be owed hundreds of pounds in refunds from their energy provider. The refunds are linked to direct debit payments on fuel costs, which often result in customers overpaying in summer months. And some suppliers are using the money to fund "otherwise unsustainable business practices." It’s just not good enough. That’s why energy watchdog Ofgem is consulting on introducing an auto-refund system in which consumers are automatically refunded on a yearly basis rather than building up credit on their accounts. If thousands sign the petition, Ofgem will know how serious the public are taking this issue, and even the big energy companies could change the way they do things before they are forced to.
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  • Keep Shropshire's solid fuel heating
    This is important for these reasons 1- the quantum heating is too expensive to use. 2- the power goes out several times a year often for long periods 3- parts of the county have no gass connection i myself live in one of these areas leaving us with no source of secondary heating, which south Shropshire housing association said over a year ago was a requirement and that is why they were fitting all there houses with quantome heating and solid fuel burners in the first place.
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    Created by Fiona Stephens
  • Nationalise our Energy Suppliers
    It is vital today for everyone to heat their homes, have hot water and cook hot food. In order to do this the public has no choice but to have a contractual agreement with a profit driven energy supplier. The poor and the elderly are the most vulnerable to this strangely and sometimes can’t afford to heat their homes whilst these companies make billions.
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    Created by Sean Brogan
  • Help with energy bills
    Due to the outbreak of Corona virus, many people are forced to stay and work at their homes. This means that their energy usage will increase. But for some people, like those on zero hours contracts or self employed, who are already left in a difficult financial situation, this could mean to not having the means to pay for their energy. Ivana, a self employed single mother of three is now worried. Schools are closing and her young children will be staying at home without any heating or electricity as she doesn't have money to top-up her meter, once her emergency credit of £5 is used up. Energy companies should provide help for people like Ivana, by offering extra emergency credit, payment breaks or free energy.
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    Created by Richard Bonk
  • Stop the construction of Britain's largest gas plant
    Building new dirty power directly contradicts the government's legally binding target to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050. Gas-fired power is a major contributor to the UK's greenhouse gas emissions; we must move away from this fuel if we stand any chance of tackling the climate crisis and improving air quality. The government is already being sued by ClientEarth over the decision. We need to build support for the legal case and show people want clean power instead.
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    Created by Adam Wentworth