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To: MPs

End rule by minorities

Change the first past the post voting system, so all votes are equal, and there is an incentive for all citizens to vote. This would be done by introducing a proportional s system of voting and there would be a reduction in tax of 1% for all those that voted. This would cost nothing as tax would be raised 1% for everyone to begin with. Spoiled papers would count as a vote for those who found no party they wished to vote for.

Why is this important?

40% of people did not vote in the last election as they felt their views were not represented or the current system meant their vote was meaningless.
The Government was elected by less than 39% of those who voted.
The Government received the votes of less than 20% of those entitled to vote.
No Party could claim a Legitimate right rule the country after the last election.
First past the post works well in a 2 party system, but that has ended.



2016-04-13 13:20:52 +0100

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