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To: Dwp and councils

End sanctioned benefit poverty

End sanctioned benefit poverty

Not discriminate and stop benefits against persons whose benefits have been sanctioned by the government, dwp and councils due to investigations, what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Why is this important?

People can lose their homes, children, their basic need for food and water, their dignity, sanity, and the will to even live. People who have experienced sanctioned benefits are stripped of any income and any supporting housing payments leaving the person destitute and possibly homeless, all before any investigative outcome is made and before any guilty or innocent verdict. People have a basic right to food and water , human beings should not be forced to live in destitution due to an "investigation", its penalisising ,its degenerating and its damn right unethical

United Kingdom

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2020-02-07 16:05:26 +0000

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