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To: Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee

End subsidised food and alcohol in Parliament and the Lords

End subsidised food and alcohol in Parliament and the Lords

Please petition the house and campaign for an end to subsidised food and alcohol for MP's and Lords. Raise the subject at Prime Ministers questions or from the floor of the House of Commons.

Why is this important?

It now costs the British tax payer more than £6 million pounds per annum to supply public servants with subsidised food and alcohol. Given the recent MP salary increase to £74000 (before expenses) it's not unreasonable to expect that they pay for subsistence in the same way the majority of other workers do. The average wage in the UK is £26000 - £74000 pa from the public purse is quite enough. Equality with other workers!


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Reasons for signing

  • I am disgusted that a vote passed yesterday to not provide free meals for vulnerable children during school holidays but meals for the very same people who voted to take the food off a hungry child's plate are subsidised. Maybe with their recent pay rise they can pay full price for their own food and we'll use the money saved to feed hungry children.
  • MPs have had a pay rise, and they have subsidised food. They have voted against the NHS nurses and the poorest of us from getting these things too. They are utterly shameless in denying children food during this very difficult time, yet continue to benefit from the privileges of their office.
  • The fact that fat cats could be taking money that could be used to feed hungry kids. This government has no moral compass!!!!!!!!!


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