To: Cheshire West and Chester Council

End the criminalisation of Homeless in Cheshire West and Chester

End the criminalisation of Homeless in Cheshire West and Chester

To Adhere to the Government’s Gold Standard benchmark for
local authorities (from ‘Making Every Contact Count, A Joint Approach to Preventing Homelessness’ August 2012).
1. To adopt a corporate commitment to prevent homelessness which has buy in
across all local authority services
2. To actively work in partnership with voluntary sector and other local partners
to address support, education, employment and training needs
3. To offer a Housing Options prevention service to all clients including written
4. To adopt a No Second Night Out model or an effective local alternative
5. To have housing pathways agreed or in development with each key partner
and client group that include appropriate accommodation and support
6. To develop a suitable private rented sector offer for all client groups, including
advice and support to both client and landlord
7. To actively engage in preventing mortgage repossessions including through
the Mortgage Rescue Scheme
8. To have a homelessness strategy which sets out a proactive approach to
preventing homelessness, reviewed annually to be responsive to emerging
9. To not place any young person aged 16 or 17 in Bed and Breakfast
10.To not place any families in Bed and Breakfast accommodation unless in an
emergency and for no longer than 6 weeks

Why is this important?

it is important for individuals whom find themselves homeless to not be criminalised within the local authority they are homeless and be treated with dignity, compassion and care.

Cheshire West and Chester Council, Nicholas Street, Chester

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  • This should apply to town halls nationwide


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