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To: Mike Ashley, CEO of Sports Direct

End the exploitation of Sports Direct staff

Increase pay, so there’s no possibility staff are paid below national minimum wage. Ensure staff are being paid for all time spent on the warehouse floor and administer back pay, so that any Sports Direct staff who have been affected by unfair pay policies are fairly remunerated.

Why is this important?

An undercover investigation has found evidence that Sports Direct could be illegally paying their staff below the minimum wage. The reporter recorded how warehouse staff were unable to leave the building during their 30-minute unpaid breaks – a practice some employment law experts say should count as paid working time and, if correct, would push Shirebrook’s effective hourly wage rates below the legal minimum of £8.72 to about £8.20.

Since the start of lockdown, warehouse staff have been working around the clock to keep us well stocked. While they supply us with everything we need to be comfortable at home, many of them are working just below minimum wage - unable to even leave hot and stuffy warehouses for a bit of fresh air. These workers deserve better. And it's up to us to demand better for them.
United Kingdom

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