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To: Parliment and H.M Queen Elizabeth

End the Freemason corruption of our services!

End the Freemason corruption of our services!

Force secret societies to create membership lists available for legal proceedings due to the level of corruption in scotland yard and the police, politics, the military, NHS and local councils in the UK. Obviously this is a global issue, but i live in England, and it has to be started somewhere; the legal fight back.
Enable the judicial system to prosecute all individuals responsible for crime, regardless of income or membership to a secret society. This will be done by forcing secret societies like the freemasons, rosicrucians and illuminati to compile membership lists.

Things this so called 'elite' are supposed to be responsible for:

Mind control/altering programs.
Pedophillia and child pornography creation and distribution.
gang-stalking/V2K/implants/targeted individuals.
shadow government to control the 'masses' with supply.
STING operations using our military forces to create terrorists.
the education system which clearly has failed on a lot of levels.
the banking system (which is actually controlled by 0.001% AKA the 'elite')
using puppets in parliament to implement policy that is beneficial to corporations as opposed to small scale business which was sustainable development in areas where things were required.
using spies in every major institution to cover up crimes, AKA, the scotland yard cover ups in the links below.
controlling the economy to deliberately causes chaos by crashing the stock market (repeatedly).

attempting to destroy individual difference and spirituality by manufacturing wars between people. (georgia guide stones)

subliminal messaging.
corruption of the food chain.
poisoning water supplies.
the creation of AIDS in humans.
project paperclip (smuggling natzi scientists conducting mind control experiments after the war)
rape (so many people; so many times)
mental torture.
the music industry.
the way clothes are designed to make us feel bad.

i hold this elite responsible for the society we live in which is designed to manipulate, confuse and depress everyone into submission.
a sleepy public, is pacified. we know this to be true because we study marketing (how to convince people to buy things they dont want or don't need)
advertising (how to create desire for a useless product)
psychology (the damage that is done by psychopaths using abuse techniques to create a submissive slave)
chemistry (BIGPHARMA - doesn't work, doesn't help, so why do we pay for a fake version of herbal remedy that fills us with toxins? - marketing!)
media (how to use colours, lights and sounds to captivate your audience - hypnogogic brain wave states to dissociate and become susceptible to suggestion)
photography (how to set up images)
fashion (reduce esteem by making badly fitting clothes and presenting highly idealized idols as the norm, reducing esteem further

Why is this important?

Evidence: - who controls the money. - destroying the food chain for soylent green! - vips in the clear yet again for repeatedly raping children to make snuff movies, normal pedo porn, sacrifices ect. - created extreamist mosque to create and trap potential future terror suspects by holding extreamist services! - this is what it means to hide in plain sight. this is why some people just seem so angry. this is how long its been a major issue. ''we know our air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat.. i dont need to tell you its bad'' - Freemasons - moral guardians or centre of corruption? - don't think mi5 and 6 dont join in. - targetted individuals and goverment gangstalking hitting the news in america. - current experiements more entrappment. ''An elaborate undercover operation, which police hoped would lead to the conviction of 10 alleged criminals, has been ruled illegal by a judge.'' - yet it happens everyday. - setting up school kids by pretending to be friends for years. - monarch program. - belgium politician exposes engineered wars. - ''CONCLUSION

7, The suggested courses of action appended to Enclosure A
satisfactorily respond to the statement of the problem. However,
these suggestions --should be forwarded as a preliminary submission
suitable for planning purposes, and together with similar inputs
from other agencies, <B> provide a basis for development of a single,
integrated, time-phased plan to focus all efforts on the
objective of justification for US military intervention in Cuba.''</B>

again, why your doing this; - why i started this petition; they tried to stop me saving the world and putting a stop to slavery forever.

How it will be delivered

press conference.


Reasons for signing

  • My children have been removed from me by bent freemason policemen on the orders of a bent freemason social worker. I am an enemy of freemasonry as a result of a twisted ex partner who should be put in a cage. Their abuse of power in the uk's services is out of control. God will judge them all for their crimes against humanity.
  • We must rid our society of this scum that control all parts of society helping one another in cover ups and wining contracts or get jobs of high office so that they can manipulate society ! This will only be done by forcing secret societies like the freemasons, rosicrucians and illuminati to compile membership lists.
  • Freemasons are luciferian scum


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