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To: Prime Minister Theresa May

End the Royal Expenses Scandal — Scrap The Sovereign Grant

End the Royal Expenses Scandal — Scrap The Sovereign Grant

Scrap the Sovereign Grant that has given the royals a 145% funding increase in 6 years. Launch a full independent review of royal funding.

Why is this important?

The Sovereign Grant (official funding of the Royal Household) has risen by 145% to £76.1m in its first six years. The royals are raking it in while the public have faced cuts to essential services.

The Sovereign Grant isn't based on any assessment of need, it has simply been pegged at 15% of profits from the Crown Estate - profits that could be spent on essential services. This percentage is due to rise to 25% in 2017.

No other government department is funded like this. Royal funding can only ever increase.

It's a win-win deal for the royals. If Crown Estate profits go up then so too does the grant. BUT if the profits go down the grant remains the same. It cannot fall below the level it was at the previous year.

The law says the grant can never fall - so even if it is reduced to 0% of Crown Estate profits it will remain at £76.1m a year forever!

This petition will send the message that the Sovereign Grant is not fit for purpose, that the review process does not go far enough, and that as cuts fall on many areas of public spending taxpayers deserve a better deal - it's time to #ScrapTheGrant and demand radical reform to the way the Monarchy is funded.



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