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To: Philip Hammond Foreign Secretary

End Wrongful Detention of Palestinian Children

Dear Philip Hammond

As citizens of the UK and the world we call on you to use all of your powers to end the abuse of Palestinian child prisoners by Israeli authorities. We ask you to endorse freezing all preferential trade agreements with Israel until that state upholds the rights of Palestinian children and implements international law. It should be noted that every year around 700 Palestinian children, even as young as 8 years old, are arrested and detained without proper trial or access to law or their parents. They are kept in harsh conditions, sometimes in isolation and often far from home. Usually their offences are minor and often they are forced to sign false confessions in order to try to be released. We believe all this to be inhumane and in contravention of international and human rights law and that this is something your government could and should act upon immediately to bring about its end.

Why is this important?

The wrongful arrest and detention of Palestinian children has a long history and is contrary to UN, EU and UK law

The International Declaration of Human Rights protects and enshrines the rights of childre as does the UN constitution

The treatment of Palestinian children in detention is in breach of both of these

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